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"We enjoyed working with Pandata. They provided an organization and structure to our clinical research data and allowed us to gain significant insight into disease mechanisms and treat outcomes."

Rishi P. Singh, MD
Staff Physician, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic

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Tags: Healthcare, patient surveys, machine learning

Tags: Healthcare, patient experience, readmission, social determinants of health

...a healthcare technology and services company grow revenue by 10%

Tags: Healthcare, Customer Engagement, Sales, Natural Language Processing

...The Cleveland Museum of Art use AI to talk about art over time

Tags: Open Access, natural language processing, art

...a Fortune 500 energy company sift through billions of cyber events to prioritize insider threat investigations

Tags: Anomaly Detection, Cybersecurity, Human-in-the-Loop

...a fortune 500 company improve their net promoter scores by 20%

Tags: net promoter score, customer survey, Perception Intelligence

...a fortune 500 company use online visitor behavior to identify high-valued leads

Tags: website analytics, B2B, customer service, intent to purchase

...a Fortune 500 company forecast at-risk customer spend with 90% accuracy

Tags: Marketing, Customer Engagement, Sales, Natural Language Processing

...The Cleveland Museum of Art use WIFI data to understand how their visitors engage with the space

Tags: Customer Engagement, Marketing

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