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Designing AI solutions for high risk organizations isn't cut and dry

Our team of experts include data science consultants, engineers, and industry professionals who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by high-risk industries. When the stakes are high, there is a lot to consider. We can help…

Ethical considerations, such as fairness, accountability, transparency, and privacy, must be incorporated into AI systems for high-risk industries during their design and development.

High-risk industries are subject to regulatory requirements and standards. Responsible AI in these industries requires compliance with these requirements, as well as proactive engagement with regulators to ensure that AI systems are designed and deployed in a manner that meets expectations.

AI systems in high-risk industries must be rigorously tested and validated to ensure that they are reliable, accurate, and safe. 

Developing AI solutions for high-risk industries requires collaboration and transparency among stakeholders, including industry leaders, regulators, and the public. This involves engaging in open dialogue about AI development and deployment, as well as sharing information about AI systems and their performance.

AI systems in high-risk industries must be continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that they are functioning as intended and that they are not causing unintended consequences or risks. This may involve ongoing monitoring of data inputs and outputs, as well as regular audits and evaluations of the AI system’s performance.


“The Pandata team was truly outstanding. Thanks to their expertise in machine learning models, we were able to build and validate a robust predictive model in cancer patients which we are currently testing in an inpatient setting.”

Alberto J. Montero, M.D., MBA Clinical Director, Breast Cancer Medical Oncology Program / Diana Hyland Endowed Chair for Breast Cancer Professor of Medicine University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Case Western Reserve University
University Hospitals AI

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