AI Design & Development

Making AI Useful for Businesses and People, Together

For AI to be successful, we, as humans, must be a part of the process. To scale AI requires a different approach to decision making than other technologies you may be used to. This is not “set it and forget it” technology, it requires people and processes. That’s why ourdesign thinking and human-centered approach to AI design and development addresses these decisions every step of the way by:

AI is Iterative

When piloting an AI design, you can expect the unexpected. Even with the best statistical proof, things will go wrong or may even pleasantly surprise you. You have to be willing to go along for the ride knowing that AI is an iterative process. It is important to keep stakeholders and end users informed during the process to create comfort, and ultimately, buy-in. 

AI Design & Development

Pandata's Consulting Approach to AI Design & Development

Discovery and Design

Taking a strategy-first approach to designing a proof of concept for use cases that provide high-business value

During the Strategy and Design phase, we:

work with stakeholders and end users to learn about your challenges, inventory data, and do a deep dive into methodology and feasibility, ultimately creating a roadmap to build the right solution to meet your needs.
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Develop & Build Resiliency

Iteratively building upon the MVP (or Proof of Concept) to launch pilots that enable de-risking of development of AI projects

During the Development & Build Phase we:

Incrementally explore and validate assumptions and analytics capabilities, develop models and test out resiliency in a real world setting prior to rollout
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Scale, Educate, & Empower

Focusing on change management, solution integration, and trusted AI, we set you on the path to long-term AI success

During the Scale, Educate, & Empower phase, we:

take lessons learned from the pilot and develop a strategy to scale up the solution, including solution integration and education for end-users.
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No matter the stage in your AI transformation, our team will meet you where you are to design and develop trustworthy AI solutions that create a clear competitive advantage

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Advisory Services

We help ease the burden of bringing AI & data science in-house with both leadership and project-level support for your team.

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