AI Design & Development

A highly collaborative engagement harnessing the power of client industry expertise and our expertise in AI & ML

Trusted AI + Humans = Pandata

For AI to be successful, we, as humans, must be a part of the equation.  Our human-centered approach to AI design and development will:

  • Get you off the hamster wheel of researching AI and on to the doing (to reap the competitive advantage of AI)
  • Provide the design for explainable, transparent AI solutions (to increase adoption success) 
  • Help you consider the implications an algorithm will have on your audience and the world (to avoid damaging, unintended consequences)
  • Find the balance between human creativity and AI enabled automation (to make the robots do the boring stuff )

So, where do we begin?

We start every client relationship with our Discovery & Design engagement. It builds trust and sets the stage for a healthy and transparent partnership, with client communication and feedback as an essential part of the engagement. 

There are 5 stages to the engagement:


We meet and spend time with the client, getting to know them as people and forging a relationship. This is a highly collaborative process leveraging the client’s deep expertise. It influences and ultimately shapes our design process.  Goals during this initial phase are to:

  • Set expectations – a successful engagement needs an engaged client, requiring regular feedback from their team to ensure we’re aligned and heading in a direction that excites everyone and ultimately addresses their needs.
  • Schedule recurring, face-to-face touchpoints for continuous feedback and collaboration

Influenced by our expertise in human behavior and AI design, we perform stakeholder analysis to:

  • Understand the client’s goals and business needs – diagnose the problem within the problem and why the client needs to solve the problem they’re addressing.
  • Understand client processes. Beyond data, we aim to understand how the client’s systems work and the associated pain points.
  • Learn more about how the client interacts with their data – main champions within their organization who interact with their data most frequently and ways data are collected.
  • Explore their broader data infrastructure (understand data engineering items)

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) addresses the following:

  • Learning the intricacies of client data by reviewing data documentation and understanding the quality, volume, and types that we are provided access to. 
  • We identify external (3rd party) sources of data that enrich our analysis and broaden AI possibilities. From US census data to curated data sources, we know how to maximize available data for your solution. 

We also look to understand patterns and nuances within that data, guiding the AI Design process.


Once we’ve completed our EDA, we move into human-centered AI Design, including:

  • A feasibility assessment of each promising idea we generate to determine if a client’s data is sufficient for the given solution.
  • Investigating available tools and technologies tailored to your project. From APIs to Auto ML, we recommend suitable tools to your match your goals.
  • Researching best practices and ML tools to meet your goals, keeping you up to date on the latest in AI methods.

Once we’ve identified one (or several) promising AI solution(s), we document and deliver our recommendations. Deliverables include:

  • A project plan, containing strategic insights and custom roadmap
  • Discovery documentation outlining current processes, insights from the client’s team, and our findings from the Discovery process.
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