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AI Design & Development

Making AI Functional & Compliant for High Risk Industries

At our core, we build machine learning and AI solutions in high-risk environments. By focusing on ethical AI practices, we help clients navigate the complexities of integrating AI technologies while maintaining compliance, mitigating potential risks and maximizing positive outcomes.

Knowing that high risk environments face unique challenges, our team of data science consultants expertly:

That’s why clients like First Energy, University Hospitals, Penn State University, Hyland Software, and Parker Hannifin have turned to us for help with their AI and machine learning business transformation initiatives.


"The Pandata team is great! They helped Thrivable build out and manage our data infrastructure, combining all of our data into a central location so we no longer have data silos. Additionally, Pandata consults with Thrivable's data team on a weekly basis to help us continually build and deliver strong data modeling outputs for our business."

Ryan Fuchs
Chief Operating Officer

Our Approach to AI Design & Development

Discovery and Design

Taking a strategy-first approach to designing a proof of concept for use cases that provide high-business value

During the Strategy and Design phase, we:

spend 6 - 8 weeks working with stakeholders to solidify requirements, understand pre-existing tools and processes, to proactively identify barriers to adoption
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Solution Development

Iteratively building upon the MVP (or Proof of Concept) to launch pilots that enable de-risking of development of AI projects

During the Solution Development phase, we:

build models and engineering pipelines across multiple agile iterations and rapid prototypes. We then pilot models to test out resiliency in a real world setting prior to rollout.
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Deploy, Educate, & Empower

Focusing on change management, solution integration, and trusted AI, we set you on the path to long-term AI success

During the Deploy, Educate, & Empower phase, we:

take lessons learned from the pilot and develop a strategy to scale up the solution, including solution integration and education for end-users.
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How we've helped over 60+ clients execute on over 100+ multi-year scopes and projects

Highlights and Impact...


AI Discovery & Design

Working with clients to understand their business on a deeper level, establishing the strategic value of AI & machine learning - specific to their organization, and proposing the use case(s)

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AI Development

Building and scaling AI & machine learning models for high-risk industries

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High Risk Industry AI Solutions

Our team of experts include data science consultants, engineers, and industry professionals who have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by high-risk industries.

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