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Our guide and workbook will help you navigate the process of identifying critical assumptions to inform the feasibility and utility of an AI project.

It will also help you learn the why and how your innovative organization can use and scale AI practically to solve business problems, including…

Slide "Pandata’s AI Workshop brought our entire team together to help us align our goals and identify the best opportunities to accelerate the use of these important technologies in both our internal processes and products alike." Scott Caesar - Director of Cloud R&D, Hyland Slide "Pandata was a huge help in validating the success of the goals of our interactive space. Using AI on our location analytics, we learned that visitors who spend more than five minutes in ARTLENS Gallery spend (an additional) 30-plus minutes more in the other galleries." Jane Alexander, Chief Digital Information Officer, Cleveland Museum of Art
Slide “Utilizing Pandata's Perception Intelligence solution we're able to consistently quantify customer feedback with hard numbers and uncover improvement opportunities across the enterprise.” Brad Fischer, Director of Global Retail Operations, Parker Hannifin Slide "In a broad environment, finding competent people that are genuine in their interest, commitment, and presentation is exceedingly rare. This is what we liked most about working with the Pandata team." Christopher Mitchell, Chief Financial Officer & Operations Officer, Sequoia Reinsurance Services Slide "We enjoyed working with Pandata. They provided an organization and structure to our clinical research data and allowed us to gain significant insight into disease mechanisms and treat outcomes." Rishi P. Singh, MD, Staff Physician, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic
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From false starts to measuring the success of a pilot, the art of implementation is challenging. Having the right strategy in place can mean the difference between adoption and abandonment. That is why designing, building, and scaling AI solutions to empower humans is our number one priority.

No matter the stage in your AI transformation, our design and development team will meet you where are – to bring your use cases to life.