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AlignAI “AI in 2024: Emphasizing Execution Ft. Cal Al-Dhubaib” | Episode 11
Hathaway Brown Head’s Council: AI Explained and Demistified
Conversations on Applied AI Podcast
AI Design in High-Risk Settings 
Addressing the High Failure Rate of AI 
Acing the Last Mile of AI – MAICON Main Stage 
North Coast Ventures’ Investor Insights Panel on AI: Where We Are and Where We’re Going 
The RAI Institute Welcomes New Members to Its Growing Community 
How To Create Trust Between AI Builders and AI Users – from ODSC
Applied ML Podcast with Cal Al-Dhubaib on Trusted AI
Trusted AI: How Pandata and Dell are making AI work for enterprises
Pandata Joins the RAI Institute as its Newest Member
How To Improve AI Model Robustness in the Last Mile – from ODSC
6 Characteristics of Companies That are Successfully Building AI – from ODSC
Applied AI Podcast: Secure, Fair, Transparent & Auditable Models
Cal Al-Dhubaib, Pandata: On developing ethical AI solutions
From the AI & Big Data Expo: Generating Business Value with AI
Addressing the High Failure Rate of AI & ML Projects
Lay of the Land Podcast – Cal Al-Dhubaib
Startup simplifies AI for small businesses – Spectrum News
OhioX ‘Built in Ohio’ Podcast feat. Pandata &
Hyr Medical Partner Spotlight: Pandata
Nicole Ponstingle McCaffrey talks about the need for more diversity in STEM with OhioX
Nicole Ponstingle McCaffrey noted in Crain’s for American Heart Association Go Red Leadership – Page 11
Will AI Revolutionize Regtech? If you Do the Right Thing – Featured on Nasdaq
Will AI Revolutionize Regtech? If You Build It – Featured on Nasdaq
Pandata solving for Trust in AI with
multicultural, multi-discipline, inclusive team
OhioX Leader Profile – Cal Al-Dhubaib
Building a Holistic Risk Profile – ODSC Article
AI + Humans is the Superpower Your Organization Needs – Forbes Magazine
Pandata Produces Virtual Cleveland Museum of Art Dashboards During COVID 19 Pandemic
ThinkData Podcast: Empowering Organizations to Use AI Competitively and Ethically
Case Alumnus Magazine “Doing AI the RIght Way”
Acing the Last Mile of AI
Greater Cleveland Partnership: Pandata On The Forefront Of Ever-Evolving AI Technology
What Will AI Regulation Look Like for Businesses – from AI News
How to Prevent AI Project Failure – from ODSC 
Tricks for Dealing with the Pandemic & Treats for Small Businesses – Nicole Ponstingle
Cube TV interview from VMware Explore 2022
Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders
STEM Goes Red opens the door for girls dreaming of high-tech fields – FreshWater Cleveland
Cal Al-Dhubaib named Crain’s 2021 Notable Entrepreneur
4 Ethical AI & Growing Ohio’s Data Science Industry
4 ways small businesses can create workplace satisfaction and attract talent 
Building an Ethical Data Science Practice – ODSC Article
Nicole Ponstingle Graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program
OhioX Leader Profile- Nicole Ponstingle
HIT in the CLE Data Science Career Path Feature
It’s Time for Us to Address the Ethics of AI – feature for the Marketing AI Institute
Pandata founder Cal Al-Dhubaib has ‘unique outsider perspective’: Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Setting the Foundation for Marketing Success by Getting Back to the Basics – Nicole Ponstingle
For Cleveland’s Big Data Enthusiasts, a Meetup was the Event of the Year – CWRU Alumni Association
From PhD to Python: An Academic’s Path to A Data Analytics Dream Job
Cal Al-Dhubaib Named 2019 Smart 50 Honoree
Pandata Recognized as Top Startup with SBN Cleveland Technology Award
Nicole Ponstingle Named as Crain’s Cleveland 2018 Woman of Note in Technology – November 2018
Growing the SMB in the Wake of Big Data & Social Media: By Nicole Ponstingle – Crain’s Cleveland Business
Cal Al-Dhubaib Named Smart Business Magazine 2020 Smart 50 Honoree

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