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We helped a health tech startup predict missing attributes across 100k+ patients, offering an opportunity for $1M+ in additional business per year

Pandata partnered with an innovative health tech startup and market research platform that connects patients and healthcare companies to create better products and services, with quality data at the foundation of all business operations.

The platform collects countless survey answers each day, and while many patients provide complete responses, some surveys are submitted with empty data fields. Because of this, the platform had 100,000 profiles with various degrees of missing information, ranging from incomplete survey answers to rare disease profiles. As the platform grows, additional diseases and questions will continue to be added, leading to increasing amounts of incomplete data.

Pandata  developed machine learning models to predict missing values in 10 key fields – where up to 70% of panelists did not provide a response – including a model that can accurately predict 82% of panelist health condition.


Why is this important?

Rather than reaching out to all 100,000 panelists with missing responses, Thrivable can now perform more selective and cost-effective outreach to panelists with predicted values. ​​This will translate into more panelists eligible for research studies, greater confidence in being able to field new studies, and more opportunities for study improvement and expansion. With organizations regularly reaching out to Thrivable to request new studies, this presents the opportunity to service over $1 million in additional business per year and cost savings of over $70,000 in recruitment expenses.

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