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AI Discovery & Design

Laying the groundwork for AI development

The starting point.

AI Discovery and Design is the process we use to understand our client’s business on a deeper level, establish the strategic value of AI/ML, and propose a project plan

What does the Discovery and Design process look like?

Discovery Phase

  • Develop an understanding of your organization's business lines and potential for strategic AI value
  • Build relationships with decision makers and identify key subject matter experts for the design phase
  • Identify any organizational infrastructure or security restrictions that need to be addressed
  • Document the strategic approach for the identified use cases that we will further explore in the design phase

Design Phase

  • Deeper dive into the ROI of potential use cases with a detailed assessment of the value and risk
  • Prioritization of use cases based on ROI and time to value
  • Collaborate with key subject matter experts and decision makers to evaluate high-level information, ensuring the project is grounded in realistic estimations of value
  • Present project plan with a detailed timeline, definition of success, pricing structure, milestones, and project assumptions
Discovery & Design establishes the foundation for AI development

We've helped 60+ clients execute 100+ multi-year scopes and projects

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Strategy first..

is how we help clients achieve AI success.

Our Data Science Consultants are experts at driving business transformation powered by  trustworthy, explainable, and human-centered AI design and development.

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