AI Discovery & Design

A highly collaborative engagement harnessing the power of client industry expertise and our expertise in AI & ML

Using a human-centered, design thinking approach, we meet clients at their stage of AI maturity, successful adoption of AI and ability to scale

During the Discovery phasewe assess the client’s current state and level of AI-maturity. This collaborative deep dive into the business helps us to understand the nature of decision making and workflows, any barriers to AI adoption, and the nature of data collected – including how the data is acquired, performing exploratory data analysis, and looking at governance around the data. Deliverables are typically clear requirements and articulated value proposition.

During the Design phase, Using design thinking principals, we design a proof of concept, focusing on statistical validation of the model and the feasibility to develop and scale in the organization’s ecosystem. This includes iterative experimentation and learning, researching appropriate AI / ML methodology (model selection, feature engineering, testing and selecting different models), allowing us to further refine the problem statement. Deliverables are typically validated assumptions and a development plan.

AI design

What does the Discovery and Design process look like?

Our solution roadmaps are based on agile methodology applied to data science: we work in week-long sprints incrementally exploring and validating different assumptions and analytical capabilities that contribute to the final solution.

We de-risk the development of AI projects by addressing barriers to trust in the solution. The process is designed with three goals in mind:

1. Understand the nature of decision making, workflow, and pre-existing technology that the solution will ultimately impact

2. Identify potential barriers to adoption or trust that must be taken into consideration during the design process

3. Understand the nature of collected data and how that influences the selection of machine learning methods

Example deliverables include...

Documentation of findings, including assessment of data quality and suitability in addition to any steps taken to enrich data

Prototypes and initial validation results of models

Recommendations for next steps and plan to develop and scale the necessary predictive models


Discovery & Design sets the stage for AI development , bringing your idea to life

Here's how we've helped 60+ clients execute 100+ multi-year scopes and projects

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