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Why Trusted AI Has to Matter...

AI is transforming lives globally – from hyper personalization to chatbots, quality control, call centers, and beyond. Whether you are building it or using software that has AI embedded in it, AI is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, it’s an expectation.

With this transformation come mounting examples of unintended consequences of AI, including discriminating against female candidates to prioritizing healthcare of white patients over black patients. Many algorithms powering AI solutions lack the ability to be easily audited and may compromise customers’ privacy. Unregulated AI can potentially undermine your strategy to build an inclusive, fair, and ethical organization, at the cost of consumer trust.

In addition to bias, consumers are quickly becoming more aware of data privacy issues and more discerning with respect to control of their own data. Already legislative groups are introducing new regulations that will have wide-ranging implications at the intersection of data use and development of AI solutions.

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Defining Trusted AI

Trusted AI is the discipline of designing AI-powered solutions that maximize the value of humans through fairness, transparency, and the preservation of privacy. Let's break it down...

Bias exists in our data, in our models, and in our outcomes. Pre-existing biases and lack of representation means that AI can benefit or harm one group more than another. When AI is fair, we can promote equality and equity to mitigate the harm from disparate treatment.

AI suffers when it exists in a black box, and we don’t understand why AI makes a decision. When AI is explainable, we can understand every factor that went into producing the results, making it reproducible and auditable. When AI is transparent, we don’t have to just hope it is making good decisions, we can trust that it is.

The volume of data we have is growing exponentially and at the core of all that data is humanity. To trust AI, people must trust that their personal information is not being misused. AI that puts privacy first satisfies current secure data practices and will comply with future regulations.

When AI and humans act in harmony, you will not only reduce the barriers to adopting game-changing technology, you will amplify your economic value.

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What Human-Centered, Trusted AI can do for your organization...

With Trusted AI, your organization doesn’t have to choose between avoiding AI or accepting its risks wholesale. Unintended consequences are a result of using highly complex models that are difficult to interpret and built on large datasets that contain hard to identify biases. Building with Trusted AI as the foundation leads to an explainable solution that increases trust, overall buy-in, and ultimate success.

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