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We helped a healthcare technology and services company grow revenue by 10%

Pandata partnered with an innovative healthcare technology company that processes millions of leads monthly to identify which customers might qualify and benefit from special government programs.

Our solution incorporated natural language processing and dimensionality reduction on 200,000 possible characteristics to qualify these leads. The result is a tool that increased successful identification of qualified leads by ten percent compared to previous methods. In addition, this tool significantly reduced the number of false leads, or effort wasted. Optimized lead targeting has led to a potential increase in profits by 215%.

Why is this important?

Specialty services providers need to be laser focused with their marketing and customer acquisition process, otherwise they risk spending too much time chasing leads that might not convert or leaving highly qualified leads untapped. The larger the scale, the more these challenges cost an organization. Natural Language Processing unlocks insights in traditionally overlooked data to further qualify leads.

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