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Press Release: Pandata solving for Trust in Artificial Intelligence with multicultural, multi-discipline, and inclusive team

Growing leader in artificial intelligence leverages the power of diversity to build ethical AI solutions.

CLEVELAND, Ohio, August 4, 2021Pandata, a growing leader in human-centered artificial intelligence solutions, has set out to defy industry norms by designing trusted AI solutions with their team of multicultural, multi-ethnic data scientists.

STEM professions, especially those in data science, notoriously lack both gender and ethnic diversity. One study found that only 15% of data scientists are women, while this Forbes study revealed that data science has the lowest diversity of all tech fields.

Whether it’s due to unequal access to STEM education programs or exclusionary workplace cultures, the fact remains that data science has a diversity problem.

In contrast to the data science and technology industry as a whole, Pandata has prioritized diversity in the workplace by building a team of women and men—many with multicultural and multi-ethnic backgrounds.

“A lot of organizations in data science focus most of their attention on developing better models or finding better data to combat unethical AI solutions, ” said Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO of Pandata. “But at Pandata, we’ve found that cultivating a diverse, inclusive workforce organically allows us to solve complex problems in a more meaningful way.”

In addition to being ethnically and culturally diverse, the Pandata team also has a wealth of knowledge and expertise across several disciplines: anthropology, law, sociology, immunodeficiency research, mechanical engineering and neuroscience, to name a few.

These varied backgrounds allow Pandata to approach trusted AI solutions with a multitude of perspectives—someone from law is quick to notice the ethical implications of a new design, while someone from sociology considers the impact a solution may have on the humans interacting with it.

“As a data scientist with an anthropology background, my work is about understanding the relationships among people, and understanding motivations and goals from a relationship perspective,” says Julie Novic, Data Scientist at Pandata. “My background allows Pandata to better understand end users and customers, and to help them make better decisions.”

Media Contact: Nicole Ponstingle McCaffrey

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The data science industry is behind in recognizing that successful ethical AI solutions depend on diverse human perspectives. Pandata seeks to improve the diversity in STEM and data science by welcoming, employing and teaching individuals of all backgrounds.

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Nicole Ponstingle McCaffrey, COO, AI Translator at Pandata