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Data Services

Custom services to help our clients initiate, enhance, or expand data science usage

  • Data Strategy
    Many organizations struggle to find the right starting point to develop data science competency. We can provide an assessment based on our data science maturity model and help you prioritize the highest value data science opportunities and develop a road-map to execution. Our unique approach to data strategy cuts across people, processes, and technology within your organization.
  • Data Process Innovation
    Connect business objectives to underlying data. Complementing our Data Strategy service, we go on a deep-dive into your data, assessing quality and feasibility for implementing a data science solution. This process identifies and addresses foundational gaps that can derail a data science solution in the future. Our Data Process Innovation service culminates in an execution plan and process map for a specific data science solutions identified in your data strategy.
  • Data Science as a Service
    We understand that data science is an ongoing process requiring many different roles and skills. We augment your organization with our team of diverse data scientists.
  • Custom Training
    We can develop custom training content to help your team get up to speed in data science or analytics.
  • Custom Project
    For organizations that already have a data strategy in place and need specific help implementing a data science solution. Whether you need help with a one-off analysis or building a data-driven application, we can help execute your vision.