Pandata is proud to be the “Ethical AI” Sponsor at ai4 2021! Join us at the conference Aug 17-19, 2021.

AI Workshop

Educating innovative organizations in the art of the “AI Possible”

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence is soaring

Whether you are trying to qualify leads or understand current customer needs and retention, it’s never been more important to supplement human wisdom with relevant insight. With the ability to learn from complex data, detect anomalies, and learn over time, AI can not only keep up with rapid changes in behavior, it can also help extend human capacity by automating time consuming tasks, allowing for time spent on more  meaningful work.

AI Workshop includes:

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Our promise to you

To enable your continued journey to AI success, we will credit a portion of the AI Ideation Session cost toward a subsequent engagement with Pandata.

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No matter the stage in your AI transformation, our design and development team will meet you where you are to bring your use case to life.

AI Design & Development

If you have identified your key use cases but aren't sure how to start building.

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We help ease the burden of bringing AI & data science in-house with both leadership and project-level support for your team.

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All you need is an idea to get started. Our data scientists can help bring your AI initiatives to life.