AI Strategy Workshop

Empowering Innovators to Unlock the Value of AI

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence is soaring

You know there is value in AI; you read about organizations using it successfully everyday. The question we hear most often is, “Where can AI create value for my organization?”

We created our AI Strategy Workshop to help organizations identify the most practical opportunities for AI to make a high impact. The workshop is a short, private engagement geared at educatingideating, and prioritizing your ideal use cases by marrying your domain knowledge with our expertise in AI.

The AI Strategy Workshop consists of three virtual sessions that culminate in an AI Opportunity Report. Leading up to the workshop, we do a series of short one-one-ones with key members of your team to get a baseline and tailor relevant content.

Sessions at a glance...

Our promise to you

To enable your continued journey to AI success, we will credit a portion of the AI Workshop cost toward a subsequent engagement with Pandata.

Our services

No matter the stage in your AI transformation, our design and development team will meet you where you are to bring your use case to life.

AI Design & Development

If you have identified your key use cases but aren't sure how to start building.

We can help
Advisory Services

We help ease the burden of bringing AI & data science in-house with both leadership and project-level support for your team.

What we offer

Strategy first, design second...

is how we help clients achieve AI success.

Our Data Science Consultants are experts at driving business transformation powered by  trustworthy, explainable, and human-centered AI design and development.

Getting started is as simple as having one simple idea…we can handle the rest.