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Voices of Trusted AI Digest Archive

Reliable AI Reports and Resources

In the absence of standardized AI rules and regulations, where can we turn for guidance when it comes to designing AI that we can trust? For now, these reliable reports and resource centers may be our best option. 

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An Outlook on AI Overhype

The race to create generative AI models has led to oversights in security. The pressure to deploy advancements has resulted in unchecked bias and discrimination. And most noticeably, overhype has led to unrealistic expectations about what tech can really do.

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Generative AI Frameworks

Between Microsoft’s new Bing Search, the advent of ChatGPT, and a number of other generative AI startups, we’re quickly seeing the old “move fast and break things” approach is not one that needs to make a comeback.

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Healthcare AI And ChatGPT

As we continue to experience the rapid evolution of AI technology, one thing is clear: AI used to augment human capabilities will yield the most impactful results. How are you addressing this in your own organization? 

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How LLM Are Changing AI

Generative models continue to be an important topic when it comes to trusted AI, and the articles in this edition show just how critical human evaluation is for the safe use of these models.

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DoD's Approach to Responsible AI

What does it look like when governments, countries, and even continents adopt ethical AI frameworks? What happens when AI reveals harmful human biases? In this edition, we answer these questions and more.

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