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We helped a Fortune 500 company use online visitor behavior to identify high-valued leads

When customers visit your website, they are telling a story about their intent. Marketers have long offered content that requires an email address to qualify prospects and customers. But what if you could qualify more complex behaviors like product or service considerations and readiness to buy? One fortune-500 B2B company decided to do exactly that by transforming the website analytics data into a powerful tool to identify intent.

With more than 500 million website interactions across 3.5 million unique website visitors a year, the data was too complex for traditional analysis. Pandata paired their website data with data from their CRM and used artificial intelligence to identify digital activity that resulted in specific customer actions like contacting customer service, making a purchase, and contacting technical support. The e-commerce team is now able to proactively identify anonymous website visitors demonstrating an intent to purchase within 30 days and with over 80% accuracy. This provides opportunities to target these customers with meaningful content, capturing their contact information and better qualifying them for

Why is this important?

Many B2B organizations sell through distributors, and as a result, see a higher proportion of anonymous web visitors. Some of these anonymous visitors can be accelerated along their purchasing journey with targeted marketing efforts, especially ones that connect to larger known accounts. This approach bridges the gap between anonymous online activity and important buy signals to share back with sales teams and distributors to grow high-valued accounts.

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