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We helped a Fortune 500 company improve their net promoter scores by 20%

One fortune 500 company doubling down on the customer experience went from a few hundred satisfaction survey responses a month to over 4000, a quarter of which were in a foreign language. Segmenting existing customers into promoters and detractors is powerful. Studies have shown that promoters are 6 times as likely to buy, while detractors are responsible for more than 80% of negative word of mouth.

We used natural language processing to identify key topics and associated sentiment. We also used state of the art summarization techniques to provide customer experience managers with a snapshot of each key issue without needing to review hundreds of comments.

Whereas divisions previously viewed data shared with them as anecdotal, the organization now has regular conversations around these qualitative responses. They are quicker to respond to customer needs, and as a result, their Net Promoter Score has increased by 20%.

Why is this important?

Many companies routinely collect customer survey data, including ratings and comments. These data provide the opportunity to better understand the customer experience – what makes customers happy, and what areas can be improved. However, it is challenging to provide interpretable insights at scale based on ratings alone. Natural language processing can build a bridge between the qualitative and the quantitative.

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