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Enterprise-Level AI Designed & Built Specifically for Venture-Backed Startups

We believe in AI for ALL

Size shouldn’t be an impediment to implementing AI successfully. Yet, historically it has been cost prohibitive to many venture-backed start-ups.

So often we hear that both lack the data science capacity and budget required to operationalize AI. But to stay relevant and competitive they need to leverage the competitive advantages of AI, just like the enterprise. It feels like a catch 22.

Is your organization ready for enterprise-level AI?

The AI Design Launchpad alleviates the pressures to properly address concerns around privacy, fairness, and transparency in AI by making scalable, strategy-first AI accessible to venture backed startups and the middle market.

Enter the AI Design Launchpad, powered by delivers powerful advanced machine learning tools that span the entire data science lifecycle, while Pandata provides strategy-first AI and ML design and development expertise to help companies move from idea to impact with AI. The AI Design Launchpad leverages the full power of the H2O AI Cloud and adds in data science expertise both in the tactical application of machine learning and the strategic implementation of AI transformation initiatives; all with the goal of preparing your organization for self sufficiency and the ability to scale your AI practice.

Moving from idea to impact with AI


Document your challengers, inventory data, and do a deep dive into methodology and feasibility, ultimately creating a roadmap to build the right solution to meet your needs.


Incrementally explore and validate assumptions and analytics capabilities, develop models and test out resiliency in a real world setting prior to rollout.


Take lessons learned from the pilot and develop a strategy to scale up the solutions, including solution integration and education for end-users.


Ease the burden of bringing AI and data science in-house with both leadership and project-level support.

The AI Design Launchpad

Built specifically for venture-backed startups


Responsible. Trustworthy. Human-Centered.

The Pandata and partnership emphasizes the development and use of Responsible AI. provides a comprehensive explainable AI toolkit to provide trust and transparency across machine learning operations. Pandata’s data science consultants are committed to designing and building high performance AI solutions that are approachable, trustworthy and value human intelligence as part of the process.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

“You can’t just go buy these tools. They are so prohibitively expensive for a small company. They require so much expertise to set up and use, that if we were starting from scratch, we would not be able to manage this.” —David Edelman, CEO/Founder of Thrivable 

Regulated industry AI

Ready to start designing and developing enterprise-level AI?

The AI Design Launchpad powered by alleviates the pressures to properly address concerns around privacy, fairness, and transparency in AI by making budget-friendly, scalable, strategy-first AI accessible to venture backed startups. To see if your organization qualifies, simply fill out the form. 

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About H2O

Recognized as a global visionary and thought leader in automated machine learning (autoML), time series forecasting and responsible AI, is the trusted AI partner to more than 20,000 organizations around the world. Their platform, the H2O AI Cloud, enables businesses, government entities, nonprofits and academic institutions to make, operate and innovate with AI to accelerate responsible innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible with artificial intelligence.

About Pandata

Pandata, a pioneer in AI and data science consulting, designs and develops practical AI applications that are human-centered, trustworthy, and explainable. Serving clients ranging from venture-backed startups through the Fortune 500, our high-performance solutions drive business transformation while addressing privacy, fairness, and transparency.