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ODSC East Conference Information

Here’s what to expect at this year’s in-person and virtual Open Data Science Conference East.

ODSC East 2023: Everything You Need to Know

The Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) East is the leading community-focused event for machine learning, data science, deep learning, responsible AI, and more. This year’s ODSC East 2023 is happening May 9 – May 11 in Boston, with bootcamp sessions leading up to the event. ODSC East will feature over 300 hours of hands-on training, workshops, and keynote sessions with a number of data science and AI experts. This year, Pandata is sponsoring the event and hosting a session on the last mile of AI. Visit the official ODSC East website to register. 

Our ODSC Session: Acing the Last Mile of AI

Despite the pace of advancement, organizations still struggle to achieve ROI with AI projects. With the explosion of generative AI applications, and mounting examples of model ‘hallucination’, it’s never been more important to build confidence in AI-enabled decisions. This is particularly true in high-risk settings, where more robust and transparent models are needed. In most cases, it’s the last mile of deploying AI into workflows where projects fail.

cal al-dhubaib odsc east speaker image

In his session, Acing the Last Mile of AI, AI strategist and Pandata CEO, Cal Al-Dhubaib, will share lessons learned from real-world examples where we had to:

  • Design secondary explainer models into workflows that empower decision-makers
  • Deploy model monitoring systems to manage risk, bias, and drift
  • Test the robustness of models, especially in applications that touch unstructured data
  • Optimize for both model performance and the resulting human action and impact / ROI

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Let's Meet At ODSC East

Want to meet up while you’re at ODSC East? Have an AI project in mind but need some help getting it off the ground? Reach out here and someone from our team will get back to you!

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