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Using AI to improve the customer experience

When a fortune-500 company decided to double down on customer experience and collect consistent feedback more often, their customers gladly shared their opinions. Segmenting existing customers into promoters and detractors is powerful. Studies have shown that promoters are 6 times as likely to buy, while detractors are responsible for more than 80% of negative word of mouth. They went from a few hundred satisfaction survey responses a month to over 4000, a quarter of which were in a foreign language. While the satisfaction metrics were informative, the true value was in the qualitative feedback. Their customers were telling them exactly what they were enthusiastic about…and what they weren’t. However, without a quantitative way of looking at these responses, the root causes were difficult to spot.

Pandata used artificial intelligence to build a solution that identified critical customer experience issues in qualitative feedback, highlighting the most relevant positive and negative comments. Whereas divisions previously viewed data shared with them as anecdotal, the organization now has regular conversations around these qualitative responses. They are quicker to respond to customer needs, and as a result, their Net Promoter Score has increased by 20%.