Team Panda Leadership

Cal Al-Dhubaib

Chief Executive Officer, AI Evangelist

Cal Al-Dhubaib is a data scientist, entrepreneur, and professional speaker on AI topics. He founded Pandata on the core values of “Approachability and Ethics”. Empowering organizations to plan, build, and scale AI solutions that grow their bottom line, Pandata has overseen 80+ transformative analytics projects with leading global brands including Parker Hannifin, the Cleveland Museum of Art, FirstEnergy, and Penn State University. Cal is especially passionate about the ethics of AI and how organizations can orchestrate the right talent to support AI initiatives.

Cal has been recognized as a Notable Immigrant Entrepreneur, Crain’s Cleveland 20 in their 20s, and two-time Cleveland Smart 50 recipient. In addition to becoming the first data science graduate from Case Western Reserve University, Cal is also known for his role in advocating for careers and educational pathways in Data Science through regional workforce development initiatives.

When he is not revolutionizing the world of data science, Cal enjoys spending time with his five nephews and niece, collecting art from around the world, salsa dancing (fun fact: he used to teach), competitive running, and teaching his cat, Oreo, to do tricks (yes, some cats will actually humor us humans).

Nicole Ponstingle

Chief Operating Officer, AI Translator

Nicole is a 20+ year marketing and business development veteran. With a career that spans local and global brands, her prowess lies in positioning organizations for growth and aligning the often-contentious sales and marketing functions. Career highlights include serving as a Strategic Business Consultant to Marathon Oil, Director of Marketing for BlueBridge Networks, and North American Marketing Manager for KTM Motorcycles. She has also been named by Crain’s Cleveland as a Notable Women in Tech.

As COO, Nicole’s ability to tame uncertainty shines. She passionately crafts and stewards the Pandata brand and provides the strategy for the marketing blueprint. By extension, she is Pandata’s resident AI Translator, bridging the gap between the data science team and business stakeholders. Nicole also shapes and champions company culture, talent pipeline, and operational process innovation that have allowed for accelerated growth.

She fulfills her avocations in tech and diversity-focused workforce development by serving as the Vice Chair for RITE, a workforce alliance that brings together industry and education to build a network of technology talent. Outside of Pandata, she volunteers for Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue and enjoys hiking with her two sidekicks, Clancy and Lulu.

Hannah Arnson, PhD

Director, Data Science

Hannah is a data scientist with over 10 years of experience deriving insight from data. With a career ranging from research to teaching to data science, her passions lie in finding patterns within complex datasets and educating to make these technical concepts accessible to all. Hannah began her career as a neuroscientist, developing statistical and mathematical models to better understand topics ranging from the sense of smell to navigation in pigeons. After receiving her Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis, she went on to do postdoctoral research at Baylor College of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University. From there, Hannah leveraged her background in problem solving and analysis and joined Pandata.

As Director, Data Science at Pandata, Hannah leads the technical team and AI solution design and development. She leverages her background in research and teaching to architect ethical and accessible solutions and facilitates communication with clients. She also enjoys learning and implementing new machine learning techniques. Outside of work, Hannah fiddles old-time string band tunes dabbles in gardening, and enjoys taking advantage of Cleveland’s wonderful cultural institutions and parks.