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Team Panda

Cal Al-Dhubaib

Chief Data Scientist & Partner

Cal is a data science thought leader in Northeast Ohio. Over the past five years, he has led teams to solve complex problems in organizations ranging from small business to fortune five hundred. He is the first data science graduate from Case Western Reserve University and has received national and international recognition for innovation in predictive modeling and entrepreneurship. Cal is passionate about Northeast Ohio and sits on several advisory boards to advocate for careers and educational pathways in data science.

When he is not revolutionizing the world of data science, Cal enjoys spending time with his five nephews and niece, collecting art from around the world, salsa dancing (fun fact: he used to teach), competitive running, and teaching his cat, Oreo, to do tricks (yes, some cats will actually humor us humans).

Nicole Ponstingle

Chief Strategy Officer & Partner

Nicole is a marketing and business development veteran with 20 years experience. Growing up in her family’s direct marketing business sealed her fate as a marketer and still drives her passion for it. She has served as a strategic business consultant to Marathon Oil and as the North American Marketing Manager for KTM, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer.  She has the unique vision of being able to see things from the perspective of both sales and marketing. With expertise in industries such as technology (IT), consumer retail, healthcare, non-profit, banking, publishing, as well as the agency world, she lives for strategizing, branding, messaging, positioning and relationship building.

When Nicole isn’t devising new initiatives for Pandata, she spends her time volunteering with local animal rescues, going to see concerts, wine tasting, studying to become an animal Reiki Master (fun fact: she is a Reiki Degree I Animal Practitioner), and obsessing over her Boston Terrier, Sadie, Frenchton, Lux, and American Bobtail, Maeve.

Hannah Arnson

Hannah is a neuroscientist turned data scientist. She earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Washington University, in St. Louis, and conducted postdoctoral research at Baylor College of Medicine and Case Western Reserve University where she studied topics ranging from the sense of smell to navigation in pigeons. She developed mathematical models for neural activity and then validated them with data collection and statistical testing. She now applies those skills to solve problems for Pandata clients.

When not delving deeply into data, she fiddles old-time string band tunes with several area groups. She also enjoys the Metropark system whenever possible. As a native Clevelander, she is excited to bring her talents back to Cleveland.

Kate Schifle

Operations Coordinator

Kate has been using her logistics and office management skills to help grow young companies for years. She turned her photojournalism major into a passion for the business of photography by helping a local studio move from infancy into adolescence by capitalizing on her sales, marketing, and office management skills. She then moved to another start-up, where she managed 150+ national training events each year, handling scheduling, travel and shipping logistics, as well as vendor and distributor management.

When not keeping Pandata on track operationally, you may find Kate on Lake Erie in her kayak. Every summer she organizes local kayakers to provide safety and direction for swimmers at the Cleveland Triathlon. In the winter, she prefers indoor activities like reading and wine tasting.