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Balancing the Possible: A Q&A with Dan Miller, Pandata Project Manager

Balancing the Possible: A Q&A with Dan Miller, Pandata Project Manager As a toddler, Dan Miller knew that he absolutely, positively, adamantly wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. No one was going to change his mind. Except

From Aerospace Manufacturing to Data Science: Bob Wood Shares His Story

From Aerospace Manufacturing to Data Science: Bob Wood Shares His Story Two boys grew up in Saudi Arabia. Both boys lived in the same town, both moved to the United States, both attended Case Western University, and both studied engineering.

Exploring the Changing Conversation Around COVID-19 Using Social Media Sentiment & Natural Language Processing

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, we wanted to get a better feel for the public discourse surrounding this topic.  This seemed like a prime opportunity to look at what people were saying on social media platforms and how they

AI Translator: A Necessary Player on Your AI Team

At Pandata, we hang our hat on educating clients and our community about AI in an approachable and jargon-free manner. This isn’t something that just happened overnight though. It takes a concerted effort to work with our solutions team on

Ethics and AI: Approaches for Addressing Underlying Bias in Data Sets

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often portrayed as a magical black box where data goes in and something like a self-driving car comes out. Unfortunately, the magical black box is subject to any constraints on data going in. For example, poor

Demystifying AI: Tesla’s Self-Driving Car

Late last year, when my trusty Altima of over 15 years started needing coolant refills more often than gas refills, I knew it was finally time to start looking for a new car.  While many mid-range automobiles now come standard

“An AI Walks into a Bar” – Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Humor

“If the mushroom was such a fungi, why didn’t they have the party at his house?” “Because there wasn’t much-room.”                               –Dad Joke Generator We all know a bad joke when we hear it. Sometimes one person’s bad joke is another

How Social Science & the Humanities + Data Science = More Ethical AI

As practitioners and consumers of data science, how do we make ethical decisions when confronted with thorny dilemmas in artificial intelligence (AI)?  How do we even recognize when those dilemmas emerge before they become public relations catastrophes?   Humanities and social

HolidAI Greetings – Making Spirits…Weird

Back by popular demand – our HolidAI Greeting Card Generator has a fresh look, along with updated images and messages for the 2019 holiday season! And to be honest, it’s gotten even weirder. Machine learning and AI can be confusing

The Difficulty in Defining Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most widely talked about yet poorly understood terms in organizations. While over 50% of organizations considered AI a priority in 2019, 77% of organizations are failing to successfully adopt AI-enabled solutions. Having a poor definition