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cal al-dhubaib notable exec in technology

AI Strategist Cal Al-Dhubaib Recognized as 2022 Notable Executive in Technology

AI Strategist and Pandata CEO Cal Al-Dhubaib recently received the Notable Executive in Technology recognition from Crain’s Cleveland for 2022. The Notable Executives in Technology that were chosen this year reflect all aspects of the tech work world and demonstrate how technology can help develop better paths and digital safety for employees and companies.

The Notable Exec Selection Criteria

Cal was selected alongside 22 others who are based in Northeast Ohio, currently employed full-time in a senior-level role, and have demonstrated that they impact DEI at their companies. To be selected for the list, individuals must also be active in their communities and participate in philanthropic activities, mentoring programs, or diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The History of Pandata

Since its start in 2016, Pandata has emerged as an AI consulting leader. Cal’s vision for the company was to make AI practical and accessible to all, while also scaling the region’s analytics talent base. He realized early on that trust was critical to this mission, and invested time understanding how to design AI systems that are more fair and safe.

Since then, the company has overseen more than 80 AI and ML projects with global clients including Progressive, FirstEnergy, and Penn State University. In the first half of 2022 alone, Pandata closed $1 million in new business. Service offerings include AI discovery and design, AI development, an AI strategy workshop, and general advisory services. The company is founded on building high-performance AI solutions that put humans first.

Meet Cal Al-Dhubaib

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Cal attended college at Case Western Reserve University where he became one of the first graduates with a formal degree in data science. Since graduating, he has dedicated his career to cultivating data science talent both within Pandata and across the region.

He is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology and spends his time working to create environments where teams are empowered to design more fair, ethical, and transparent AI solutions. Outside of his work at Pandata, Cal enjoys traveling and exploring arts and cultures around the world.Read more about Cal and Pandata below in his 2022 Crain’s Cleveland Notable Executive in Technology feature.

Interested in Pandata’s Impact?

Cal’s and Pandata’s commitment to designing trustworthy AI solutions is clearly demonstrated through the team’s 80+ successful AI projects. Take a look at our success stories page to learn more about the impact of these endeavors.