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Carlin Jackson

Pandata Launches New Partnership with Carlin Jackson of Theo. Wyes David, Ltd.

With an extensive technological background and passion for operations and strategy, Carlin Jackson of Theo. Wyes David, Ltd., has joined Pandata as Director of Partnerships.

Carlin is confident in his potential impact on the future of Pandata and its customers. By leveraging his knowledge gained through consulting experience and education, he plans not only to nurture existing relationships but also to cultivate new partnerships.

What inspired you to attend Case Western Reserve?

As a child, I had exposure to audio-video systems—this is when my interest in technology started. As a student in Cleveland Heights – University Heights schools, I had the opportunity to win a gold medal during a Science Olympiad event held on Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) campus. The experience made me fall in love with CWRU and make it my top choice after completing high school. I was an undergrad computer science major in the School of Engineering when I originally connected with Pandata’s Cal Al-Dhubaib. We stayed in touch, even as I went on to receive a Master’s in Finance from the  Weatherhead School of Management at CWRU.

What inspired you to start your consultancy, Theo. Wyes David?

My experience and education in both computer science and finance were pulling me in two different career directions–West coast for technology or East coast for the banking world. I realized I could do both by creating my LLC—Theo. Wyes David, Ltd. The goal for the company was to organize my professional activity. So, I started to take on projects in software engineering and high-level business strategy.

My immediate prior client engagement was with software company Content Status. I was brought on to build a prototype that turned into a minimum viable product, and eventually a version that was capable enough to gain initial revenue and raise two funding rounds. After four years of tremendous growth, I was able to take a step back from exclusively working with Content Status and explore new opportunities for the company. It was during this time I was approached by Cal and the Pandata team about a partnership.

Can you elaborate on your new partnership with Pandata and the efforts you will be leading? 

In my new role as Director of Partnerships, my core responsibilities will be to drive all partner relationship opportunities that will widen the scope of value provided to clients and allow Pandata to offer more comprehensive solutions.

Oftentimes, AI providers or vendors offer tools and services that are complementary to the solutions that Pandata provides. In certain cases, it can be mutually beneficial for Pandata and the provider to have a partnership—both Pandata and the provider can work more efficiently, offering more value to the client. These types of partnerships ultimately align with Pandata’s values of transforming relationships from one-time interactions to ongoing relationships.

What unique perspective or expertise do you bring to Pandata?

Borne from my start-up experience and prior consulting engagements, I hope to bring a unique product-focused perspective to AI development and design. This will be key in identifying partnership opportunities for Pandata and understanding where other software and solutions will be viable for certain client opportunities.

With a strong background in project and operations management, I also hope to identify new future business opportunities for Pandata.

Do you have any major takeaways or insights you’d like to share from AI & Big Data Expo?

At AI & Big Data Expo, I took note that Pandata was the only service provider present. Most of the other companies were selling software or a platform. I also noticed the topics Pandata emphasizes—data privacy, trustworthy AI, risk mitigation, and bias prevention—were complementary to the exhibitors and were also relevant to the attendees.

When companies have AI use cases that go outside of what a software platform is built for, you need someone to color within the lines and fill in the gaps—this is where Pandata can step in. A hands-on AI consultancy like Pandata can bridge this gap before hiring an internal team or practitioner to handle future AI initiatives.

What does the recognition of the 2022 Young Alumni Leadership Award from Case mean to you?

The award was in recognition of my recent career success and engagement with the Case Alumni Association—being a young and active alumnus. I feel challenged by these types of awards to continue achieving my goals, dreams, and visions. I will always be my hardest critic and want to continue achieving success, to justify and bolster the claim that I am worthy of this award. 

What is your best advice for current students?

My advice would be to maintain an entrepreneurial mindset. This doesn’t mean you need to start a business but instead, always be aware of the opportunities to innovate, improve, and try new things professionally and personally. Critically evaluate things that have “always worked this way”—those tend to be great opportunities to be entrepreneurial. 

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

When I am not at work, I tend to stay active with sports like swimming, biking, and basketball. I stay active in my community and volunteer my time at Rhema Fellowship Church. I also enjoy reading relevant news and technology articles. I recommend checking out Hacker News, Bloomberg, and Crain’s Cleveland (if you’re local to Cleveland). 

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