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Pushing the Limits with Data Engineer Chris Brace

Chris Brace has always had a passion for the unknown.  From a young age, he found himself creating his own instructions for moving toys, class assignments, and everything in between. His curiosity led him to his role as an Associate

Trusted AI
3 Sessions on Responsible AI You Won’t Want to Miss At ODSC West 2021 

3 Sessions on Responsible AI You Won’t Want to Miss At ODSC West 2021  The first-ever hybrid Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) West event is next week and our team can’t wait to join hundreds of other data scientists to

Data Scientist
Meet the Newest Data Scientist at Pandata: Merilys Huhn, JD

Meet the Newest Data Scientist at Pandata: Merilys Huhn, JD For as long as she can remember, Merilys Huhn has loved solving problems. She has always been deeply intrigued by how people work and act together—her background in law and

From Prototype to Production – Coding Best Practices

We live in an era of unprecedented automation and rapidly expanding data. In 2019 alone, the internet generated 2.5 billion bytes of data every day, but only about .5% of that data was meaningfully analyzed! This data deluge, combined with the want to derive more value ever faster, has

How Social Science & the Humanities + Data Science = More Ethical AI

As practitioners and consumers of data science, how do we make ethical decisions when confronted with thorny dilemmas in artificial intelligence (AI)?  How do we even recognize when those dilemmas emerge before they become public relations catastrophes?   Humanities and social

The Difficulty in Defining Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most widely talked about yet poorly understood terms in organizations. While over 50% of organizations considered AI a priority in 2019, 77% of organizations are failing to successfully adopt AI-enabled solutions. Having a poor definition

Setting the Foundation for Marketing Success by Getting Back to the Basics

Whether you are a business owner wading through the sea of marketing tools or the lone marketer in an organization trying to keep up, there are some tried and true basics to set the foundation for marketing success.   “Success” isn’t

The Venue Menu

During our internship at Pandata, we have grown in our knowledge of data science, and gratefully so. Being able to use artificial intelligence and data science as a way of simplifying a problem you are trying to solve is the

The Power of One – Manufacturing Innovation and the IIoT

You’ve started collecting some simple data in your plant and the missed opportunities are both frustrating and exciting. Your mind is racing with improvement opportunities here, optimizations there, and a huge profit at the end of the rainbow (followed by

PyCon 2019: A Little Something for Everyone

PyCon is the largest annual gathering of the Python user community, a group to which Pandata enthusiastically belongs. Several members of Team Panda were able to participate in this year’s PyCon, conveniently held in Cleveland. While there were too many