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3 Sessions on Responsible AI You Won’t Want to Miss At ODSC West 2021 

The first-ever hybrid Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) West event is next week and our team can’t wait to join hundreds of other data scientists to learn and grow! ICYMI: ODSC West is the leading community-focused event for machine learning, data science, deep learning, responsible AI, and more. It’s happening Nov 16-18, 2021 and will feature both in-person and virtual sessions led by experts in the data science industry. 

This year, not only is our team attending and presenting at the event, but Pandata is also the ODSC West Diversity & Inclusion Partner.

With a passion for improving diversity in the data science workplace and for designing equally unbiased Trusted AI solutions, we thought it only fitting to highlight a few of this year’s sessions that will focus on responsible AI

A Framework for Evaluating Privacy-Preserving Data Infrastructure for Collaboration

Following the pandemic, many businesses quickly realized a need for serious digital transformation efforts in order to survive long-term. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2023, a direct-to-digital transformation investment will approach $7 trillion.
The foundation of these efforts? Strong first-party data that preserves user privacy.

As part of the AI X Summit track at ODSC West 2021, David Gilmore, head of privacy technology solutions at LiveRamp, will share tips to keep private data safe and useful for businesses, as well as:

  • How data collaboration can drive an institution’s data infrastructure and strategy forward. 
  • How data partnerships manifest in various use cases and specific examples, across industries. 
  • Six key considerations to preserve privacy and uphold performance. 

Click here to learn more about David’s session, A Framework for Evaluating Privacy-preserving Data Infrastructure for Collaboration

Responsible AI; From Principles to Practice

It’s become clear that responsible, Trusted AI solutions are not only important, but expected by much of society today. And while most businesses realize this in theory, few understand how to ensure their AI solutions remain responsible.

In her session, Responsible AI; From Principles to Practice,” Microsoft CSE’s Senior Machine Learning Biomedical Engineer, Tempest Van Schaik, PhD, will share her responsible AI journey, from ethical concerns in AI projects, to turning high-level responsible AI principles into code, and the foundation of a responsible AI review board that oversees projects for the team.

Click here to learn more about Tempest’s session

How to De-Risk AI Development with Design Thinking, Hosted by Pandata CEO, Cal Al-Dhubaib

Pandata CEO and AI Evangelist, Cal Al-Dhubaib, will also be one of the 280+ expert speakers and instructors presenting during ODSC West 2021. In his session, Cal will cover real-world examples of:

  • Communication gaps that lead to failure and how to address them
  • How to define AI requirements in terms of human-value and trust
  • How to manage the fuzzy shift from experimentation to production
  • How to build resilience and improve adoption post launch

Click to learn more about Cal’s session, “How to De-Risk AI Development with Design Thinking.”

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Nicole McCaffrey is COO and AI Translator at Pandata.