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Estée Lauder’s Journey to Building Its Own Ethical AI Practice

Estée Lauder’s Journey to Building Its Own Ethical AI Practice This article is part of a series featuring big brands that are building responsible AI solutions to solve real problems—and what we can learn from them. To receive more trustworthy

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Where To Look for Legitimate Responsible AI Standards

Where To Look for Legitimate Responsible AI Standards Until now, regulating AI design and development has largely been left up to individual interpretation. Organizations controlled the level of risk mitigation and ethical compliance involved with their ML models, and many

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Is Your Organization Ready for AI? Answer These Questions to Find Out.

Is Your Organization Ready for AI? Answer These Questions to Find Out. You don’t have to look very hard to discover the benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) offers your organization. After all, AI reduces human error, gladly does repetitive tasks,

How Social Science & the Humanities + Data Science = More Ethical AI

As practitioners and consumers of data science, how do we make ethical decisions when confronted with thorny dilemmas in artificial intelligence (AI)?  How do we even recognize when those dilemmas emerge before they become public relations catastrophes?   Humanities and social

Setting the Foundation for Marketing Success by Getting Back to the Basics

Whether you are a business owner wading through the sea of marketing tools or the lone marketer in an organization trying to keep up, there are some tried and true basics to set the foundation for marketing success.   “Success” isn’t

Data Science as a Team Sport

By Hannah Arnson & Joseph Homrocky   Data science is often thought of as a black box – in goes data, outcomes actionable information. Inside that black box lives a complex mix of programming, mathematics, statistics, hardware, and software, each

Data Science as a Business Function

There is no doubt that data science is revolutionizing the business world and the companies that aren’t investing in it are being left behind.  With all the hype around the data scientist, with skills that span advanced mathematics, database manipulation, statistical

Pandata Case Study – Midwest Industrial Supply

Midwest Industrial Supply Case Study – September 26, 2018 Midwest Industrial Supply specializes in environmentally friendly dust control applications, operating out of a series of regional satellite offices. When pricing a new spray opportunity, the sales team is incentivized to

Data Shaming: A Cautionary Tale for the Sales Organization

A large sales organization recently implemented an analytics strategy, with one of their critical metrics being lead conversion. The target number was set and reporting tools were put in place. Each sales team was scored on this metric, and the

Much Ado About Data in 2018

As we usher in 2018, organizations are faced with new challenges but also many of the same that come year after year.  What we didn’t get to in 2017 still stares us in the face.  Was data strategy one of