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Your Guide to Trends Impacting Trustworthy AI [Podcast Takeaways]

Your Guide to Trends Impacting Trustworthy AI [Podcast Takeaways] At this point, AI should be a familiar word, but what does trustworthy AI mean? At Pandata, our team understands the imperative need for trustworthy AI and we have made it

Value with AI
Straight from AI & Big Data Expo: Generating business value with AI

Author: Cal Al-Dhubaib / Originally posted to AI News If you ask ten different data practitioners to define AI, you’ll get ten different answers. In its simplest form, AI is software that recognizes and reacts to complex patterns—but the way

How to Identify AI Communication Gaps and Avoid Project Failure [ODSC West Insights]

How to Identify AI Communication Gaps and Avoid Project Failure [ODSC West Insights] 12% of AI projects actually reach production and yield business results.  Why is that? The landscape of AI has exploded in complexity and as a result, the

The Difficulty in Defining Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most widely talked about yet poorly understood terms in organizations. While over 50% of organizations considered AI a priority in 2019, 77% of organizations are failing to successfully adopt AI-enabled solutions. Having a poor definition

The Buzz on Blockchain

Last month, I attended Cleveland’s inaugural Blockland Solutions conference with the goal of wrapping my head around blockchain. This technology has the promise of disrupting the internet with a variety of applications ranging from financial transactions to media and digital

Data Science as a Business Function

There is no doubt that data science is revolutionizing the business world and the companies that aren’t investing in it are being left behind.  With all the hype around the data scientist, with skills that span advanced mathematics, database manipulation, statistical

Data Shaming: A Cautionary Tale for the Sales Organization

A large sales organization recently implemented an analytics strategy, with one of their critical metrics being lead conversion. The target number was set and reporting tools were put in place. Each sales team was scored on this metric, and the

Perception Intelligence: Unraveling the Customer Feedback Conundrum

The CEO of a fortune five hundred firm found that the feedback her organization was receiving from top customers was negative. Metrics from their customer satisfaction surveys would indicate the opposite. It turns out, some customer service reps were selectively

Visualizing the Holidays

It’s been a great year here at Pandata! As we prepare to enjoy holiday family time, we wanted to use data to see who else is celebrating with us. This use case listens to live tweets on Twitter and plots

What is a Data Scientist?

Cal Al-Dhubaib, Pandata’s chief data scientist, expounds on data science as a career.