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Creating a data science team requires painstaking precision. We believe that it should be multifaceted. Not only should it consist of data scientists, with different specializations and disciplines, but it also requires a strong support system to round it out. At Pandata, we have done the heavy lifting and brought together a team of rock stars that can address a myriad of data-related pain points and obstacles.

So who will you have access to on any engagement with Pandata?

Data Scientist – “Data Wizard”
A keen problem solver who can frame complex problems, apply advanced statistical techniques to raw data to derive insight and meaning, and communicate key insights to leadership. Skills include: distributed computing, predictive modeling, leadership and interpersonal communication, storytelling and visualizing, math, statistics, and machine learning.


Machine Learning Scientist – “Data Whisperer”
A specialized data scientist who leverages advanced algorithms and study design to develop next-level predictive models and extract value from complex data. Skills include: distributed computing, data mining, predictive modeling, algorithm development, big data modeling, advanced mathematics, and statistics.


Data Analyst – “Data Detective”
Cleans, massages & organizes data to perform statistical data analysis and provide critical reports. Skills include: spreadsheet tools, database systems, communications and visualizations, math and statistics.



Data Engineer – “Data Pipeline Builder”
Develops, constructs, tests and maintains architectures. Skills include: distributed computing, large-scale database systems, data modeling, data APIs and data warehousing solutions.


Engagement Leader – “Data Science Team Leader”
Maintains the customer engagement and experience. The liaison between the customer and the technical team. Skills include: project and traffic management, customer service, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, reporting and contracting, as well as database systems, data mining, and predictive modeling.


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Nicole Ponstingle is the Chief Strategy Officer and a Partner at Pandata.