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During our internship at Pandata, we have grown in our knowledge of data science, and gratefully so. Being able to use artificial intelligence and data science as a way of simplifying a problem you are trying to solve is the main benefit of using these technologies. By not using them, there are areas of our lives where people and organizations are missing out on opportunities to streamline and automate so many useful things.

In 2019, everything is so rapidly evolving but one thing that always seems consistent is the power of music. It allows for a sense of belonging, a way to escape from our everyday stresses, and is a passion and past-time for those with the itch for the live version. Lucky for us, Northeast Ohio offers some of the most genuine and authentic live venues around. I think it is safe to say that myself, along with all the fellow rock and rollers, like to know what is going on within the local music scene. Whether it is the genre of music or the venue that will provide you with an epic night, one thing remains certain – everyone has a preference.

As music lovers and data scientists, we wanted to do something that would benefit the community and its quest for the best live music options. So why not connect music lovers through the use of data science and ultimately deliver a way to make the concert going experience simpler. Let’s face it, who doesn’t want simple?

After reviewing local small and mid-sized venues that have publicly available data, we were able to bring you this interactive, searchable “Venue Menu” that takes available data and synthesizes it to help you plan your night out. If you aren’t sure what you feel like listening to, the interactive map can help guide you. The circles correspond to venues around town. The bigger the circle, the more upcoming events, so you can see what part of town is the most happening. In the searchable list below, you can search by venue, day of the week, date, or artist to find out what is going on. If you are looking for a fun night out, let data analytics be your guide.

The Venue Menu map functions:

  • Provides the location of each venue on map

  • The size of the marker indicates how many upcoming shows there are

  • Gives the name and website of each venue if its icon is clicked on the map

  • Can provide directions to each venue

The Venue Menu search bar functions:

  • Presents all upcoming shows

  • Search by artist, day of the week, date, time or venue

Our goal is to not only show you the impact that data science can have on our lives, but also demonstrate how it helps bring people together. Want your venue featured on the Venue Menu? Reach out to

Reed Dobo and Maggie Lashutka are Data Science Interns at Pandata.

Artist Date Time Venue
Artist Date Time Venue