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Balancing the Possible: A Q&A with Dan Miller, Pandata Project Manager

Balancing the Possible: A Q&A with Dan Miller, Pandata Project Manager As a toddler, Dan Miller knew that he absolutely, positively, adamantly wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. No one was going to change his mind. Except

A Marketer’s Journey Through the World of AI – Entry 3, Unintended Consequences

Journal of an AI Translator: A Marketer’s Journey Through the Land of AI Entry #3 – Unintended Consequences I recently got married, which got me thinking about unintended consequences. A wedding is a great example of where things that you

Identifying AI Opportunities

Identifying opportunities for AI is really the intersection of three things: data, decisions, and opportunity. In most cases you start with the data. Many organizations think of data assets as whatever they have in their database or their spreadsheets, but

Human-Centered AI: Practical Application Of & Why It Matters

Human-Centered AI: Why it Matters We talk a lot about human-centered Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what does that mean in application?  It can mean different things depending on the purpose of the solution being created.  Human-centered AI can mean creating