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Like any startup, we here at Pandata love doing team happy hours at our local watering holes. And like any residents of Cleveland – we have massive amounts of city pride. So when Nicole asked me where we should go last week, I had a few criteria that we had to meet right away. We needed a bar that met all of our individual tastes, (which is quite diverse here at Pandata) as well as a bar that served local beers. What better place to look than at the local breweries?

After scouring the Internet for all things beer, we built this interactive tool to help identify which breweries all team members would be happy with. We were limited to the fifteen breweries for which we could access data, but are currently trying to expand this to include all breweries in Cleveland (if you’re a brewery and want to be added to our chart, reach out to us here!

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Of course, identifying breweries that met our criteria wasn’t enough for us – we wanted to find beers that were similar in taste to other beers we liked. We created this interactive chart to help us understand more about different types of beer and to find beers that were similar to ones we’ve tried before. Personally, I love the Belgian Strong Ales – they embrace sweetness while packing a punch reminiscent of wine. Most are slightly fruity and contain mild dark malt flavors. Nicole, on the other hand, loves IPAs – much higher on the bitterness scale, similar in alcohol content, and super hoppy! If you have a Cleveland beer you really like, we invite you to use this tool to help you plan your next happy hour or night out.

The data science approach isn’t limited to strategic planning and revenue projections. It is an art of deriving insight from information – and an art that helps you find the best brews for your taste buds.