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3 Industries Represented at AI & Big Data Expo [+How To Find Yours]

The Pandata team recently gathered among hundreds of innovators in Santa Clara for the 2022 AI & Big Data Expo. As the premier event for data-interested professionals interested in leveraging cutting-edge technology, the expo featured an exciting lineup of speakers in industries from finance to retail and beyond. 

Since strategizing and implementing trustworthy, human-centered AI is at the core of our mission, we were proud to not only be a presenter, but also a Gold Sponsor for the event. 

Read on to see some of the industries that were represented at the AI & Big Data Expo. There was something for everyone at this event!

Healthcare at AI & Big Data Expo

As Senior Director of Product Management, AI/ML at CVS Health, Adhar Walia spoke on the close connection between healthcare and AI at AI & Big Data Expo. 

His presentation covered: 

  • Human-centered AI for the optimum patient experience. 
  • How AI enhances human expertise, rather than replacing it.  
  • The importance of properly handling and processing private and sensitive data.  
  • Adopting AI quickly into existing processes through automating routine tasks. 

Click to read more about his session, “AI Enabled Healthcare – Aiding the Patient Experience.” 

Finance at AI & Big Data Expo

Bjorn Austraat drew on his experience as Head of AI Acceleration at Truist Financial to offer practical, actionable tips on implementing artificial intelligence in an enterprise setting. 

He provided advice to:

Austraat also took part in a panel discussion on scaling AI.

Click to learn more about Austraat’s talks, Enough Science Experiments! Pragmatic Tips from the Real World for Turning AI Ideas into Enterprise Value,” andIs Agile AI a Myth? Three ways to pull off design and agile thinking in your AI project.”

Responsible Data Science at AI & Big Data Expo

While AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace—adoption rates growing day over day—projects still fail at a disappointingly high rate.

In the past, capturing data at scale and building models was the challenge, but today we’re confronted with the issue of making AI more robust while avoiding the risk of unintended consequences. While the tools are new, many challenges remain the same.

During his AI & Big Data Expo session, Pandata CEO and AI Strategist, Cal Al-Dhubaib, shared: 

  • Building blocks to develop requirements for AI-driven projects.
  • Examples of identifying and mitigating project risks and unintended consequences.
  • How to build the business case for an AI project (and get buy-in).

Click here to learn more about Cal’s session, Generating Business Value with Applied Machine Learning and AI.

Let’s Continue the Conversation

Want to discuss trustworthy AI, strategy, and use cases? Even if you didn’t attend the AI & Big Data Expo, we’d love to set up a time to chat. Our team of data scientists is happy to strategize how responsible AI can make a positive impact on your organization—no matter the industry.

Contributor: Nicole McCaffrey is the COO an AI Translator at Pandata.