AI Ideation Session

Educating innovative organizations in the art of the “AI Possible”

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. It can augment and extend human capabilities by automating time-consuming tasks that used to require strictly human intervention. Because of this, half of all organizations consider Al a priority, yet a shocking 77% of companies report that business adoption of Al initiatives remains a major challenge. The biggest barriers relate to buy-in, trust, and the disconnect between what’s feasible and where opportunities exist to create value. Based on our experience working with various organizations to design and implement Al-driven solutions, we created a half-day ideation session to activate key stakeholders, discuss opportunities to leverage data to solve business problems, and educate your team in the art of the possible.

“Hyland has been leveraging AI and data analytics for some time, but we don’t often get the chance to bring our different business leaders together to share their knowledge and experience on these subjects. Pandata’s AI Ideation Session brought our entire team together to help us align our goals and identify the best opportunities to accelerate the use of these important technologies in both our internal processes and products alike.”

– Scott Caesar, Director of Cloud R&D, Hyland

Session Overview


  • Small, but diverse, group of director level+ from core business functions
  • Representation from IT leadership is critical


  • Best practices and inspiration by reviewing relevant case studies
  • How to apply “Al Opportunity Criteria” to identify & prioritize use-cases
  • How to recognize and activate key internal resources for success


  • Al is here to stay; this is your chance to move beyond buzzword bingo and become an informed consumer.
  • For Al to succeed, an organization must have a strong handle on data.
  • Facilitation of productive dialog within your executive team, moderated by seasoned data science professionals.
  • Identification and right-sizing of high-valued proof-of-concept use-cases.


  • A list of plausible applications for Al to solve business problems
  • Vision for implementation of Al and value creation within your organization
  • Three proof-of-concept use-cases prioritized based on feasibility and ROI

Sample Ideation Session Agenda

Prior to the workshop, 8 to 10 30-minute executive interviews are conducted to customize the content and focus discussion.

Topic Time Description
AI 101 45 min We will demystify buzzwords and walk through emerging trends in Al.
Success Factors & Planning Tools 45 min Building upon the previous exercise, we will determine business applications that can be specifically improved with Al.
Break (15 min)
Value Creation Workshop 45 min Implementation is often the most expensive part of an Al project. Typically, these projects fail due to lack of adoption, which is grounded in mistrust of the solution.
Proof of Concept Selection 45 min We will workshop the Al opportunities from the prior session by objectively rating feasibility, measurable impact, and data availability.

Whether you are trying to qualify leads or understand your current customer needs and retention, it’s never been more important to supplement human wisdom with relevant insight. With the ability to learn from complex data, detect anomalies, and learn over time, AI can keep up with rapid changes in behavior.
To enable your continued journey to AI success, we will credit a portion of the session cost toward a subsequent engagement with Pandata.