AI Built for Humans

Our AI Discovery Process helps organizations scale AI by harnessing the power of human behavior to drive your business forward.

Interested in scaling AI but aren’t sure where to start?

Using your organization’s data competitively is crucial in today’s rapidly changing business world – it can mean the difference between success or being left behind. Not knowing where to begin is the main reason for a lack of action. At Pandata, we believe in creating and scaling AI solutions for humans, not in spite of.  Let’s face it, businesses need to understand people, no matter what the industry.  From customer insights to operational efficiencies, we deliver solutions that are approachable and ethical – and always built for humans.

“Pandata was a huge help in validating the success of the goals of our interactive space. Using AI on our location analytics, we learned that visitors who spend more than five minutes in ARTLENS Gallery spend (an additional) 30-plus minutes more in the other galleries.”

– Jane Alexander, Chief Digital Information Officer, Cleveland Museum of Art

Why Pandata?

Pandata empowers innovative organizations to plan, design, and operationalize AI solutions. Gaining valuable insights from your customers and workforce – to help you make better informed business decisions – is how we help humans.

Your team of human experts includes:

  • Data Scientist – A data guru that can design and build artificial intelligence to solve business challenges

  • Data Analyst – A creative problem-solver with quantitative, business, and data skills.

  • Data Engineer – A software engineer who brings data solutions together, at scale.

  • You, the Stakeholder – a visionary who wants to thrive in their industry by using realistic solutions to data-driven challenges.


We bring our core values into every aspect of our work. This is what makes Team Panda unique:
  • Approachability. We serve every client with empathy and without jargon; their team and needs are regarded as our own
  • Pursuit of Knowledge. We keep utilization rates lower to encourage ongoing education so we can stay at the forefront of data science advancements.
  • Navigating Ethics. We ask difficult questions to safeguard our clients and society against unintended consequences. We conduct ourselves with the intent to always use data science to do good and give back to our community

  • Taming Uncertainty. We thrive when presented with complex problems that have unclear solutions. Recognizing when a pivot is needed, we hold steadfast to evolving client needs and deadlines.