Download Top Challenges to Designing AI Solutions in Regulated Industries

Insight from AI Strategist and Pandata CEO, Cal Al-Dhubaib

Uncover the right questions to ask and mindset to adopt before designing an AI-powered solution.

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Regulated industries, like healthcare, energy, and education technology, share the unique challenge of designing AI-powered solutions that not only augment tasks, but also comply with a series of complex rules and regulations. In these industries, organizations must design AI solutions that are trustworthy, explainable, and compliant. 

But before designing an AI solution, it’s critical to understand some of the top challenges regulated industry leaders face when considering AI. 

In this resource, globally recognized AI Strategist and Pandata CEO, Cal Al-Dhubaib, shares some of the challenges he’s repeatedly seen throughout his years of working with leaders in regulated industries—and how to overcome them.   

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