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Data Science Advisory

Ease the burden of bringing data science in-house and empower your organization to navigate escalating initiatives

Our Data Science Advisory services provide both leadership and project-level support to help you stay on top of the trends and ahead of the competition.ds.

So, what kind of pain points does Data Advisory address?

  • Talent pool is very diverse and limited in number. Data Advisory provides access to our comprehensive team, spanning the data science spectrum.
  • Rapidly changing internal organization structures. Pandata has the agility to collaborate with IT, business, and operations teams.
  • Data scientists are expensive to hire full-time. Our utility model allows you access to as much or as little time as you need.
  • The avalanche of tool and vendor choices can be daunting. We are well-versed in those options, and can even help train your team.

Who will your organization have access to on the Pandata team?

Data Scientist – A data guru that can design and build artificial intelligence to solve business challenges

Data Analyst – A creative problem-solver with quantitative, business, and data skills

Data Engineer – A software engineer who brings data solutions together, at scale

So why choose Pandata’s Data Advisory service?

  • Free up internal time and resources
  • Access the right skill set at the right time – across our diverse team
  • Use our utility model to dial services up and down as needed
  • Interact with a dedicated engagement leader, who can connect business pain points to data solutions, and provide project management to prioritize requests and keep data projects on task and on budget
  • Gain complimentary access to a variety of software services, including Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Tableau, PowerBI,
    and Shiny
  • Benefit from continuous investment in our team’s data science education–you reap the benefits of our leading-edge knowledge

Data Science Executive for Hire

Are you looking for a top-down comprehensive strategy to leverage AI competitively at your organization? Pandata has helped dozens of organizations transform with the adoption of AI solutions. We have deep expertise when it comes to the formation of Data Science teams and centers of excellence.

Our most senior Data Science executive can help your organization:
  • Form and chair a dedicated Advisory Board to set the foundation for AI strategy

  • Identify and activate internal data champions to support the adoption of AI solutions

  • Establish an AI center of excellence and identify necessary internal and external talent

  • Standardize tooling and best practice across AI practitioners

  • Operationalizing AI solutions. We have deep expertise when it comes to driving performance through successful adoption and scaling of AI solutions.

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