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Identifying AI Opportunities

Identifying opportunities for AI is really the intersection of three things: data, decisions, and opportunity. In most cases you start with the data. Many organizations think of data assets as whatever they have in their database or their spreadsheets, but

A Marketer’s Journey Through the World of AI: Entry 2, Marketer & AI Translator Aligned

A little light housekeeping – If you are new to the journal series (or want a refresh), you can catch up on the first entry here.   I was recently asked to put together a quick video for the Women in

A Marketer’s Journey Through the World of AI

A Marketer’s Journey Through the World of AI Entry 1. February 18, 2021 By now, we have all heard that AI is revolutionizing marketing and sales. Whether automating traditionally manual processes, using marketing analytics to predict future behavior, or even

Human-Centered AI: Practical Application Of & Why It Matters

Human-Centered AI: Why it Matters We talk a lot about human-centered Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what does that mean in application?  It can mean different things depending on the purpose of the solution being created.  Human-centered AI can mean creating