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What Our Clients are Saying

“Pandata has made big data lovers of the entire team — it has been an enlightening experience. Pandata’s digital visualizations/dashboards are amazing tools that will really help us become a data-driven organization.” – Crain’s Cleveland, July 30, 2018

Jane Alexander, Chief Digital Information Officer, Cleveland Museum of Art

“Utilizing Pandata’s Perception Intelligence solution we’re now able to consistently quantify customer feedback with hard numbers and uncover improvement opportunities across the enterprise. We gain tremendous insight from our own data and are able to channel our efforts to those areas that are most important to the customer.”

Brad Fischer, Director of Global Retail Operations, Parker Hannifin

“Partnering with Pandata has allowed us to take our management consulting services to the next level. The layer of analytics and metrics developed by Pandata’s data scientists provices our research, analysis, and recommendations with additional insight and perspective. The result is a clearer view of the opportunity for our clients, and a more tangible way to track and drive value creation.”

Jim Boland, Partner, Management Consulting, Cohen & Company

“We partnered with Pandata to develop valuable, actionable data-driven insights. They provided a creative team with unique and passionate data management, analytics and modeling skills and experiences.”

Dean Trilling, Senior Vice President, DigitalC

“Thank you so very much for all you are doing for our clients – in just the few short weeks you have been with us, you have already made huge impacts!”

Katie Van Dyke, Small Business Development Center, Cleveland State University

“We enjoyed working with Pandata. They provided an organization and structure to our clinical research data and allowed us to gain significant insight into disease mechanisms and treat outcomes.”

Rishi P. Singh, MD, Staff Physician, Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic