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Use Cases

Deep dive implementation of our services, driven by client-specific needs and pain points.

Make your data work for you.

  • Customer Insight
    We help organizations develop a deeper understanding of their customers and preferences. We are able to leverage web analytics, customer surveys, and social media to develop comprehensive customer profiles. By having a more nuanced understanding of customers, our clients are able to leverage this information to create more powerful marketing and sales strategies.
  • Customer Conversion Analysis
    From the first touch point with a customer to the first sale and retention, we help our customers put numbers on their sales funnel and develop an understanding of what moves the needle.
  • Reporting Environment Implementation
    The majority of time on any given data project is spent wrangling and curating data. By design, databases that support transactional systems like CRM’s and ERP’s represent data in a format that is difficult to report on. Building a Reporting Environment transforms and represents data in the way your organization wants to think about it. We help our clients implement the environment and establish internal governance to ensure the environment is maintained. This increases the efficiency of data science and analytics projects in the future by allowing more time to be spent on developing insights as opposed to wrangling data.
  • Executive Dashboards
    Executives need certain critical pieces of information to make decisions on a day-to-day basis, all while retaining the ability to drill down and ask deeper questions if needed. We develop intuitive visualizations and dashboards that connect to a reporting environment that allows executives to view the same data used by analysts, at a high level.

Client Case Studies